Standard of office space


  • 1600 m2 of leasable space on each floor
  • Surface offered in OPEN-SPACE formula  as a standard
  • Suspended ceilings with a space of approx. 60cm, over the ceiling,
  • Elevated flooring systems with 12cm space for installations,
  • Net height 2.8m,
  • Ease of arrangement and optional split of the floor,
  • Zones designed for server rooms,
  • Possibility of natural ventilation of office space.
  • LED lighting
  • Modern HVAC systems with heat recovery (ventilation, air conditioning, heating)
  • Telecommunication network executed as category 6


  • 2 independent power systems supplying the buildings,
  • Possibility of installing backup power system in the form of power generating units,
  • Modern heating and cooling system with heat recovery,
  • Energy-saving glazing of buildings with possibility of natural ventilation of rooms,
  • Integrated BMS building management system,
  • High-end fire protection system,
  • IT structure based on fibre optic technology,
  • Energy-saving electrical networks,
  • Water-saving water and sewage systems,
  • Ceilings' load capacity at the level of 2.5 kN/m2 and designated areas with increased load capacity up to 10kN/m2 (e.g. designed for server rooms)
  • In addition, the entire 5th floor with load capacity of 10kN/m2 (e.g. designed server rooms, archive).
  • 7 comfortable high-speed lifts

SKYRES Warszawska is a building with LEED certification on the GOLD level. This ensures in full the fulfilling of sustainable development principle. 

We save water and energy due to state-of-the-art technological solutions that are additionally monitored on a regular basis.

We have used for construction environmentally friendly materials, and construction waste has been properly sorted and utilised.

Buildings provide the optimum working environment thanks to adequate natural light and comfortable air admission along with humidification.

We built special cloakrooms and showers for cyclists to develop ecological lifestyle.
The building is managed by smart and modern BMS system.

We create spaces in accordance with expectations of the most demanding tenants.


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