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Rzeszów - the capital of Podkarpackie Province. A city where the communication and trade routes between the West and Eastern Europe intersect. Its strength lies in the entrepreneurial spirit and openness of its residents. According to Eurostat, Rzeszów has the highest level of schooling across the whole European Union (353 students per 1,000 residents!). Vibrant academic centres educate future specialists, who guarantee the development of the city. From the economic point of view, the capital of Podkarpacie is primarily the so-called "Aviation Valley" that is industrial enterprises, research and training centres active in aviation industry.

City officials and in particular the president open to new undertakings, are conducive to development of business and new investments. Combined with the energy of youngsters (the average age of Rzeszów resident is only 39 years!), it provides a strong synergy effect on every level of activity conducted.

Undoubtedly, the great asset of Rzeszów is its excellent connection with the rest of the country and the whole of Europe. The city lies just next to motorway junction, main railroad track and the Jasionka International Airport. 

The size of the city and the optimal location of particular objects necessary for everyday life makes that we can settle every matter without undue delay. Whereas for people who are active and prefer healthy lifestyle, Rzeszów provides in addition 100 km of cycling paths.

In the opinion of both domestic and foreign guests it is also distinguished by a high level of aesthetics, a lot of greenery and parks where one can rest during lunchtime or after a day of hard work.

Rzeszów - capital of innovation, a great city to live and optimal for conducting your own business.

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