This place is just for you. Numerous amenities for residents make the SkyRes housing estate the most attractive location in Rzeszow.

Only the fact that it is constructed at the junction of Warszawska and Lubelska streets is a great advantage. Such location is on the one hand the vicinity of city centre, but at the same time very good and fast connection to A4 motorway running nearby Rzeszów and Jasionka airport.

SkyRes housing estate is an ideal place for those who value comfort, but also enjoy urban life. From here they will have easy access to attractions offered by Rzeszow city centre (pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and philharmonic hall) as well as shopping malls that are "at your reach". SkyRes housing estate, despite its proximity to the heart of the city, is also a place for those who look for a rest. Vicinity of recreational areas. Possibility of an easy and quick escape from the city to the bosom of nature. For many people these are the great advantages. And this is what the SkyRes Housing Estate is offering.

DevelopRes responsible for its construction is a guarantee of the highest quality of apartments and technologies used.
It's a well-established developer with a strong position on the market place for more than a decade. Buildings at SkyRes Housing Estate are designed to meet the needs of each and every resident. The offer is much differentiated. There are over 300 apartments on 18 floors.
For superstitious people we have great news:
There is "no" 13th floor.  From the highest floors one can see a magnificent panorama not only towards Rzeszow.  The offer includes both two-room lodgings and luxury apartments.
The latter ones on the highest floors. The building also has underground, very spacious parking.

The SkyRes complex features:

  • The most attractive location in Rzeszow
  • The highest quality of apartments
  • Vicinity of A4 motorway and Jasionka - Rzeszow airport
  • More than 300 apartments (including both two-room lodgings and apartments)
  • Vicinity of Rzeszów city centre and the attractions that it offers underground parking with dedicated parking spaces
  • Direct neighbourhood of Class A office buildings with international corporations


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